Bruno Mazereel

~ all-round creative, kindly yours ~

some decades of eagerness to learn, spiced up with branding skills
genuine maturity, natural credibility and kindness


introducing brands based on their equity, from inception of the strategy till the consumer, through communication, (online) advertising and sales



as branding includes webdesign and affiliate marketing both mastered I will be your partner creating your website and online sales strategy

{ branding }ƃNitaǝrɔ outside ʎour xob


You wish to introduce a (new) product or service into the (unknown) market? Allow me to help you. As creative centipede I'm eager to channel your introduction into the market by designing innovative 360° brand strategies, extending from inception of the idea through presenting a persuasive business plan, insuring the commercial success whilst increasing your brand consideration.


Putting customers and brands together through establishing business processes and expanding commercial networks, implementing new brand positioning due to acquisitions, defining brand equity through marketing and communication strategies, protecting brands by reputation management, webdesign (UX-friendly and CMS) and social media, designing strategic ROI focused e-commerce programs, monitoring performance based affiliate marketing and providing disruptive and innovative out-of-the-box marketing solutions. Strong in storytelling, putting feelings into words and visuals.


Please bear in mind that I don't just communicate, advertise, brand or sell. I listen to your story and then share from my best knowledge what I know would improve your brand connotation, whilst channeling your introduction into the market. Over two decades of eagerness to inspire in branding and communication - kindly yours.

how I got here

I tumbled into communication due to my eagerness to listen and learn and due to my honesty to only present you the best strategy needed. During the years I understood the importance of brand equity, the subtleness of a word, the strength of a visual, the feeling behind a statement. And my parental education and extensive worldwide travels (six years) brought me a linguistic, cultural, relational and historical bagage, spiced up with an inspiring sense of creativity.

All these intrinsic qualities moulded me into a hands-on marketer and business developer. A genuine one, from the heart. So I let go of certainty. What I experience since isn't uncertainty; it is openness, emotional release, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox. Without a Master, but I master a lot. And so I have proven whilst working for several well known brands.

In 2015 I started something new. Nothing planned, not a childhood dream but an evident career path I rolled into, earning portrait rights as a commercial actor, voice-over and model. No traffic jams and lots of time with my daughter - these times none can take away from us, just finding out how life is on the oher side of the camera.

But again corporate world called me as the itch wouldn't leave, so in 2020 I left the camera scene, moved to Gouda (NL) and got back to my true professional calling: connecting and introducing companies. Unfortunately Corona decided to put a halt to that - but hopefully I'll be back soon to dazzle brands.

some obtained degreesinteresting - but quite irrelevant in my professional life

University of Wisconsin
Gender and Woman's Studies
(Madison, USA)

Solfège & Oboe d'amore
(Poperinge, BEL)
Universidad de Malaga
Bachelor Spanish for Foreigners
(Málaga, ESP)

PhotoShop, HTML & CSS
(online courses)
KATHO ReNo Torhout
Bachelor Physical Education
(Torhout, BEL)
Sint Jozefscollege Torhout
Human Sciences & Languages
(Torhout, BEL)
International Trade at Port
(Antwerp, BEL)
Kunstacademie Poperinge
Music History & Composing
(Poperinge, BEL)

and some volunteer workfar more important to me, as it shows my wide international range of interests

University of Casablanca
Guest teacher Spanish
(Casablanca, MAR)
Helping dad at Zeescouts
(Antwerp, BEL)
Depauw Taalstages
Ski Monitor & French advanced
(Les Collons, CH)
Artevelde Hogeschool
Guest lecturer Online Media
(Gent, BEL)
Dynamic Drive
Senior HTML & CSS Coder
(online forum)
Sint Stanislasspeelschaar
Oboe d'amore and Drums
(Poperinge, BEL)
Edgewood College Madison
Guest teacher English to Hispanics
(Madison, USA)
University of Lappeenranta
Nurse Internship Coordinator
(University of Lappeenranta, FIN)
Outside Travel
Basketball & Survival Monitor
(Westouter, BEL)
Guest lecturer Body Language
(Rotterdam, NLD)
Unicaja Malaga Baloncesto
Coach youth team basketball
(Málaga, ESP)
Managing LinkedIn Groups
(True Artists)

{ actor • voice-over • model } 2015 - 2019

Featuring in many international tv-commercials, billboard campaigns, company infomercials and tutorials, tv-series, one movie and one videoclip, some shortfilms and many voice-overs.

Enjoyed it for a while, but I do not take on any of these jobs anymore.
Done. Thanks.

let me get inspiredplease share your thoughts