Bruno Mazereel

~ all-round creative, kindly yours ~

some decades of eagerness to learn, spiced up with branding skills
genuine maturity, natural credibility and kindness


introducing brands based on their equity, from inception of the strategy till the consumer, through communication, (online) advertising and sales



as branding includes webdesign and affiliate marketing, both mastered I will be your partner creating your website and online sales strategy

{ branding }ƃNitaǝrɔ ouʇside ʎour xob


You wish to introduce a (new) product or service into the (unknown) market? Allow me to help you. As creative centipede I'm eager to channel your introduction into the market by designing innovative 360° brand strategies, extending from inception of the idea through presenting a persuasive business plan, insuring the commercial success whilst increasing your brand consideration. [view resume]


Putting customers and brands together through communication, (visual) branding, business development (expanding commercial networks), sponsoring packages, social media, copywriting, affiliate marketing, webdesign and media barterdeals. Strong in storytelling, putting feelings into words and visuals.


Please bear in mind that I don't just communicate, advertise, brand or sell. I listen to your story and then share from my best knowledge what I know would improve your brand connotation, whilst channeling your introduction into the market. Over two decades of eagerness to inspire in branding and communication - kindly yours.
Westvloming in Gouda (NL)
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